Easy And Quick Tiramisu Recipe No Bake Needed

tiramisu recipe no bake

Delightful desserts like Tiramisu are hard to resist. However, it’s not simple to make so that’s why here’s an easy and quick tiramisu recipe you can try at home. This recipe does not require a lot of ingredients like the usual one. You won’t be compromising on taste either. Most importantly, this tiramisu recipe is completely oven-free or in other words no need to do any baking. With a few steps and ingredients, your delicious tiramisu will be ready. 

Ingredients And Equipment Needed For A Homemade Tiramisu


For this recipe, you will need two kinds of cream. The first one is all-purpose cream and the second is cream cheese. Go get sugar preferably the powdered one because powdered sugar is easy to mix. You can get any sweetener of your choice. Next, bring some vanilla extract, ladyfingers, rum, instant coffee, hot water, and cocoa powder. You are going to need a big and a few small size bowls along with a whisk. Also, you can include ingredients like eggs or any other kind of cream in this recipe.

How To Make The Whipped Cream Mixture For Tiramisu?


The very first step is to make the cream for layering the dessert. In this recipe, we will be replacing eggs with cream cheese. Take a cup full of cream cheese along with sugar. Now mix both of them till the mix turns out soft and smooth. Then move to beat all-purpose cream. Mix both cream mixes in a large bowl and mix it with vanilla extract. Transfer the whipped cream mix in a piping bag or leave it when it becomes creamy and smooth. 

Making Tiramisu Dessert At Home

Now that the cream is ready it’s time to make the layers. Start by making a coffee mix. Take one or two tablespoons of coffee along with hot water and rum. Although rum is completely optional. Dip both sides of ladyfingers in the mixture and place the soaked ladyfingers in a tray. Be gentle with ladyfingers as they can easily break when soaked. Spread as many ladyfingers and layer it with the cream from above. Repeat the same process till your tray is full. Next, put the tray in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Lastly, sprinkle cocoa powder over your tiramisu, and it’s ready to eat. 


Here’s a delicious yet quick and easy tiramisu recipe you can try at home. So, do check out. In this tiramisu, you will require instant coffee, powdered sugar, cream cheese, all-purpose cream, ladyfingers, cocoa powder, and vanilla extract. Start the making process with whipped cream and then move to make the ladyfingers. You can choose to make either a big version in a tray or a jar. You can make changes in the recipe by adding eggs or any other ingredient too. 

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