A Mary Berry Chocolate Souffle is Perfect For Summertime Treats

mary berry chocolate souffle

There is no mistaking the fact that a Mary Berry chocolate souffle is delicious. I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy chocolate when I eat it. I was very excited when I got my first taste of this classic French treat. Before I discuss the reasons why this dessert is so delicious, let me tell you how it’s made.

Mary Berry Chocolate Souffle

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The chocolate berry comes from the Swiss Chocolates brand. It is extracted using a cold process. This is different than what most people are used to seeing. The cold process extract gives the berry a more smooth consistency and thus makes the chocolate less gritty.

A lot of recipes for a chocolate souffle will call for egg yolks. I prefer them over butter or cream cheese for a few reasons. First of all, the texture of the yolk is much softer and more velvety than egg whites. Secondly, the texture of egg yolks tends to stick to itself and keep its shape much longer than other ingredients will. I also find that using egg yolks in a souffle makes it much more rich.

When it comes to cooking this classic French dish, it’s easy. You simply stir the berry into beaten eggs and whisk until it becomes a smooth paste. Then you just cook it on the hot side until it begins to set and turns opaque. I like to watch the cake baking a few minutes before I add the berry to prevent the berry from scrambling while it sits and cooks.

Once you remove it from the oven you will notice that the texture is velvety and smooth. You may have to strain the mixture a bit to get all the chunks out. Once you’ve done this you spoon it into your mouth and spread it around on your tongue. It’s at this point that you can choose to eat it or draw it away, I prefer to keep it.

Another way to enjoy this chocolate souffle is with a fresh egg salad. You just combine the egg yolks, cream cheese, chopped prosciutto, chopped dill, and lemon wedges to one bowl. Stir and blend until smooth. Now break an egg into your hand and take a small piece and dip it into the mixture. Now serve this on top of your toast.

This recipe makes a great Sunday morning treat. I usually prepare it for brunch and everyone devours it. If you’re not a fan of eggs, try serving it with sliced turkey or ham as an appetizer. Other great souffle recipes include: spinach souffle, chocolate almond souffle, chocolate chestnut soup souffle, and chocolate fudge souffle.

If you like egg dishes and like sweets but don’t like the animal products used in most egg dishes then this is what you need. For under ten dollars you can stock up on this chocolate delight and have your family raving about it. So stock up on this today and start sharing it with your loved ones. Mary Berry chocolate is so good it really should be made in every household.

First you begin by beating the egg whites to begin loosening them up. When they are loose form you add them to a large bowl and stir until completely blended. Next take your beaten egg whites and beat them until they are blended. Next transfer the egg whites to the blender. Turn the machine on and let it whip vigorously until it reaches its whip speed. Once the whipping has reached its peak you will then lower the speed and whip until the mixture becomes smooth and creamy.

To the egg whites add the milk. Whirl until the milk mixture is fully incorporated into the egg whites. Once this is done place the bowl in your microwave and heat it to boiling. Once the egg whites are at the boil place them in the center of your microwave and allow them to sit for approximately twenty minutes.

Once the twenty minutes are up you can turn on your electric egg white grinder. You should see a small ball form that has two pieces of cream cheese in it. This is your beginning roux. Puree your chocolate Souffle according to your recipe but be sure to not overcrowd the bowl. If you overcrowd it your chocolate souffle will become undercooked and the taste will be too creamy for a proper dessert.

End Note

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Let the souffle cool and once it is cool place it in your serving bowl. You can serve this with a simple syrup or you can decorate it with a simple baguette. A Mary Berry chocolate souffle is great all year round, however if you want to keep it more fresh it is best to have it when it is still on the egg whites. It is a classic recipe that will impress all and serve any chocolate fondue perfectly.

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